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Insurance policy clarification

December 13, 2017

Re: Professional Liability Insurance Clarification

Dear Members,

The Alberta Paramedic Association (APA) is an independent, representative organization of its members with an aim of implementing programs and services that improve the lives of paramedics in Alberta. This includes paramedics having a choice of insurance providers.  The Association has worked diligently to introduce an alternative professional liability insurance option to provide balance and reduce premiums, or at least prevent rising premiums, in the liability insurance market. We have also worked to ensure practitioners have information to understand this relatively new requirement.

However, an article published by Marsh and disseminated by the Paramedic Association of Canada (PAC) in the latest edition of Canadian Paramedicine magazine, misinforms practitioners about their options, failing to accurately report the facts. The APA wants to ensure you have the necessary clarity to support your professional liability insurance decisions.

  1. While the article stated the cost of insurance through the APA is $75 plus tax, it is actually an APA membership that has a $75 value, including the tax and professional liability insurance that has been designed around the specific needs of practitioners in this province.
  2. The article also noted that insurance through Marsh has a cost of $59, but failed to mention it is only available to members of PAC, which is a mandated requirement by the Alberta College of Paramedics (ACP), at a cost of $17 per year and included as part of the required annual registration fee charged by ACP.
  3. Additionally, this article fails to bring to light the fact that Marsh insurance does not provide coverage for the timeframe prior to a practitioner’s departure from the profession. It has been established that even if a practitioner pays for professional liability insurance through Marsh, once they leave practice, don’t renew or take a leave of absence, that entire coverage period is void.

Having heard so many concerns from practitioners regarding liability insurance, it is important to the Alberta Paramedic Association that you have the right information available. Please reach out and let us know if you have other questions or concerns relative to the requirement for professional liability insurance. Further details regarding insurance can be found on our website –

Dusty Myshrall Signature

Dusty Myshrall, ACP, Flight Paramedic