Professional Fatigue Project: Call to Action (Part 1 cont.)

Thursday, November 29th, the Alberta Paramedic Association released part one of an impact study investigating the effect of extended on-call shifts on the health and wellness of the paramedic.

During that research, there were major risks to the public identified. Public protection is the role of the Alberta college of paramedics, therefore we have provided the college with the public risk information and we are now actively lobbying them with a call to action to intervene on this dangerous model of delivering EMS in Alberta. Health Minister, Hon Sarah Hoffman has been made aware of the results of our findings and the risk to paramedic health and wellness, our patients and the public.

This project reinforces the need for a strong professional association advocating for paramedics and a regulatory college focused on public protection.

View the Regulator Call to Action (PDF Format)

View the original study Professional Fatigue Project