Less Coverage, Higher Cost: Association members are safe from insurance cuts.

While one of Canada‘s largest paramedic liability insurance providers announces they will be slashing coverage for COVID-19 related claims and raising their premiums, the Alberta Paramedic Association and Prolink Insurance lock arms tighter with Alberta’s paramedics to keep premiums low and COVID-19 coverage high.

“Having stable and consistent liability insurance for our members is among my top priorities” says Marc Moebis, Chief Operations Officer of the Alberta Paramedic Association (APA). “In the middle of a pandemic, when paramedics are not only facing higher risks themselves but also under increased stress, I think it’s pretty poor taste to start slashing at their liability coverage and raising premiums”.

Liability insurance provided by PROLINK is included with membership for all Alberta Paramedic Association members and takes effect the instant any EMR, PCP or ACP becomes a member. This premium insurance not only has a full 5 Million dollar coverage for COVID-19 related claims but also includes a unlimited toll-free legal hotline, wording specific to electronic PCR’s and possibly best of all, the Association working hard to keep coverage high and costs low. “I (Marc) am a frontline paramedic helping patients every day, I know what it’s like for paramedics out there right now and if you are an association member the last thing you need to worry about is your insurance coverage.” 

To become a member of the Alberta paramedic Association and take advantage of this premium coverage, you can sign up now at the link below at a low prorated cost which will auto-renew January 1st every year at full price.