Association Members Are Taking Advantage of 15% Savings on Home and Auto Insurance. 

Do you love your vehicle? Do you adore that place you live and the items within it? 

We have been working with PROLINK – Canada’s Insurance Connection. Prolink has used its thirty years of experiences in the insurance industry to provide the required Professional Liability needed by all Alberta paramedics. (Read – Why Liability Providers are Important – Part 1 & 2). Now Prolink and the Alberta Paramedic Association (Association) have expanded the relationship to develop a comprehensive suite of insurance products specifically for members.  

While inflation has become a real thing, Association members can benefit in the 2023 renewal as Prolink now offers our members group home and auto insurance.  But it’s not only offering home and auto insurance to Association members, it’s offering home and auto insurance with a 15% discount.  

And it doesn’t stop there. Members also have access to insurance to meet your individual business needs. Yes, we said it and did it, Business Insurance! Whether, your business is big or small, Prolink has solutions for your business requirements.  

So, as you are thinking about membership renewal or if you’re thinking about becoming a new member of the Association, have a look at what the Association and Prolink can offer you.   

You can purchase a membership which includes professional liability insurance through the Association website only Click here. If you are an existing member and have questions on how you might take advantage of these new offers from Prolink, you can contact PROLINK Here .