Financial Planning 101

Have you ever thought about where you’ll be 10, 20 or 30 years from now? Does it still involve pushing a stretcher? (Which is okay if that’s your plan because the profession will need dedicated people like you.) Or do your plans include something else? 

The Alberta Paramedic Association (Association) has been talking to paramedics across the province and often the question about the future arises. Some are working multiple jobs within the ground and air ambulance system, some education, some management, some community care or sometimes the work is totally different from EMS. Whether it’s full-time, part-time, casual or a combination of those, paramedics are doing work to secure their future. The question is, whatever your doing, will that be sustainable, and for how long”?  

Statistics Canada states that Millennials carry more than 200% of their after-tax income in debt and mortgage debt is 2.5X’s more than the previous generation. In 2013, 91% of Canadians were below the poverty line when reaching retirement age. Do you think it’s better or worse now? The Association has taken important steps to engage financial advisors associated with World Financial Group to be used specifically by its members. Shawn and  Josh can provide many financial tools to ensure that your hard-earned money is allocated to get you as far as possible while protecting yourself and your loved ones. They are partnered with multiple financial institutions to help clients with insurance, investments, child education, retirement planning, and more. They firmly embrace the concept of “no family left behind”, and will use their expertise to benefit members by increasing financial literacy and to help secure your future regardless of financial standing. Did we mention that their services are free and require no obligation. So, what are you waiting for? Become an Association Member and gain access to our Financial Planning 101 offer. It’s never too late. Don’t let your finances cause undue stress; and allow your money to work for you so you don’t need to work forever.