Financial Planning 101

Have you ever thought about where you’ll be 10, 20 or 30 years from now? Does it still involve pushing a stretcher? (Which is okay if that’s your plan because the profession will need dedicated people like you.) Or do your plans include something else? 

The Alberta Paramedic Association (Association) has been talking to paramedics across the province and often the question about the future arises. Some are working multiple jobs within the ground and air ambulance system, some education, some management, some community care or sometimes the work is totally different from EMS. Whether it’s full-time, part-time, casual or a combination of those, paramedics are doing work to secure their future. The question is, whatever your doing, will that be sustainable, and for how long”?  

Statistics Canada states that Millennials carry more than 200% of their after-tax income in debt and mortgage debt is 2.5X’s more than the previous generation. In 2013, 91% of Canadians were below the poverty line when reaching retirement age. Do you think it’s better or worse now? The Association has taken important steps to engage financial advisors associated with World Financial Group to be used specifically by its members. Shawn and  Josh can provide many financial tools to ensure that your hard-earned money is allocated to get you as far as possible while protecting yourself and your loved ones. They are partnered with multiple financial institutions to help clients with insurance, investments, child education, retirement planning, and more. They firmly embrace the concept of “no family left behind”, and will use their expertise to benefit members by increasing financial literacy and to help secure your future regardless of financial standing. Did we mention that their services are free and require no obligation. So, what are you waiting for? Become an Association Member and gain access to our Financial Planning 101 offer. It’s never too late. Don’t let your finances cause undue stress; and allow your money to work for you so you don’t need to work forever.

Annual General Meeting

The Association will be holding an AGM on December 1, 2023 in Edmonton at the World Financial Group Office at 646 Parsons Rd from 09:00 to 13:00 hours. The meeting will include updates on the functions of the association, vision for the future, and special guests speakers.

All attendees must be registered members of the Alberta Paramedic Association. To become a member, please purchase a membership here.

There’s Still Time to Become a Member of the APA

It’s not too late to  Become a Member of the Alberta Paramedic Association (Association). You may ask the question, what can the Association offer? You may also point out that fees for the Association increased this year by $50, so why should I buy here vs. buying liability insurance from the regulatory college?

  1. First off, purchasing a membership includes the best high-quality Liability Insurance through our provider PROLINK.
  2. Next, by becoming a member, you add your voice to the collective group of paramedics across this great province of Alberta and with you, we become Stronger Together.
  3. But if you need monetary value, the Association, together with our insurance provider PROLINK brings members exclusive access of up to 15% discounts on Home and Auto Insurance .
  4. And it doesn’t stop there, as our members has access to free consultations on Financial Planning through advisors with World Financial.
  5. But if that’s still not enough, as a member you become part of something bigger, like the HELP Fund

Check us out at our Website , and  Become a Member you’ll be glad you did!


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Shawn McEachern Over 14 years experience in the financial Industry I have developed a passion for helping Canadian families achieve their financial goals. I have always recognized the need for widespread financial education, particularly amongst middle-income families and individuals. I am committed to educating people about their financial choices so they can take steps to control their financial plan, instead of letting their financial situation control them.I was raised in Camrose Alberta; however, I am now based out of Edmonton Alberta. I hold both a life insurance and securities license. I love being able to help my clients across Alberta either virtually or traveling for face-to-face meetings. When not helping my amazing clients, you can find me at the hockey rink watching my son Carter play, in the summer on the golf course, or with my fiancé’ Allison, spending time with friends and family whenever we have that chance. 

Contact Shawn:
Phone: (780)485-9856 ext.674
Website: Shawn McEachern-WFG

Josh Stelmaschuk I am a Primary Care Paramedic and an Associate with World Financial Group. I have worked with a variety of different clients to help achieve their financial goals. With continual WFG training and completing a Business Diploma through NAIT. Financial topics include investment planning, retirement planning, insurance, taxation, and education. One of the most exciting things in my financial career
is to save people money and give them more, for less. Helping people when they need it most is a core value of mine. That is why I became a
Primary Care Paramedic in 2016 and have worked full-time since. Across the province there are over half a million 911 calls requesting the assistance of Paramedics. That is an incredible feat by these dedicated individuals working long days and even longer nights, giving up weekends and holidays to help complete strangers; which begs the question, “who helps the Paramedics?” Let us find out what we can do for so when it comes to your
finances, you can have the peace of mind that you deserve.

Contact Josh:
Phone: (780)679-8708
Website: Josh Stelmaschuk-WFG

As a broker we have access to several companies to suite each persons needs, we believe in the power of choice.