About Us

The Alberta Paramedic Association (Association) is a non-profit society established in 2015 to serve and represent the professional interests of Alberta paramedics and emergency medical responders.

What We Do

The association is an organization of elected representatives. The Association is designed to support the uniting of practitioners throughout the province so concerns and ideas can be addressed locally, regionally and provincially. 

With the input and participation of paramedics throughout the province, the Association can create a strong representative voice to advocate on behalf of paramedics for the betterment of the profession.

Not only does the Association support members through insurance, legal council, the HELP Fund and mental health, the Association also participates in research, education and accreditation.

Our Methods

  • Research – supporting, funding, leading
  • Education – stakeholders, paramedics, public
  • Accreditation – recognition of excellence


The mission of the Alberta Paramedic Association is to support the advancement of the knowledge, skills and health & wellness of the paramedic profession.


To empower Alberta’s practitioners to lead their own profession through an elected, representative body known as the Alberta Paramedic Association.


The Alberta Paramedic Association conducts itself using the following core values:

  • Professionalism: Represents itself with the display characteristics of a professional including reliability, competence, appearance and demeanour.
  • Pragmatic: Will use a sensible and realistic approach to decisions and or solutions to problems within the profession.
  • Democratic: The association is chosen by its members to represent its members. It will demonstrate democracy in all its affairs.
  • Collaborative: Utilizing collaboration with membership, stakeholders, professionals and agencies to reach its objectives.
  • Innovative: Providing solutions, supporting research, enhance knowledge and support evidence-based practice.

The Proclamation (PDF Format) mandates Association’s purpose.