About Us

The Association is an organization of elected representatives throughout Alberta and is designed to support and unite practitioners throughout the province.  As a collective whole, the Association is able to address concerns, ideas and government whether it is locally, regionally or provincially.

With the input and participation of Paramedics throughout the province, the Association and your voice can build a stronger voice to advocate for the profession and all the practitioners that work diligently within it.

Not only does the Association support members through insurance, legal counsel, the HELP Fund and Mental Health… the Association also participates in research, education and accreditation.

The Proclamation (PDF Format) mandates the Association’s purpose


The mission of the Alberta Paramedic Association is to support the advancement of the knowledge, skills and health & wellness of the paramedic profession.


To empower Alberta’s practitioners to lead their own profession through an elected, representative body known as the Alberta Paramedic Association.


The Alberta Paramedic Association conducts itself using the following core values:

  • Professionalism: Represents itself with the display characteristics of a professional including reliability, competence, appearance and demeanour.
  • Pragmatic: Will use a sensible and realistic approach to decisions and or solutions to problems within the profession.
  • Democratic: The association is chosen by its members to represent its members. It will demonstrate democracy in all its affairs.
  • Collaborative: Utilizing collaboration with membership, stakeholders, professionals and agencies to reach its objectives.
  • Innovative: Providing solutions, supporting research, enhance knowledge and support evidence-based practice.
  • Diversity: The association believes that all demographics of the association’s members are welcome.

Organizational Chart

The lines in this graphic symbolize communication, this is not a traditional hierarchical org chart. Please contact us for any interpretation questions.

President of the Association – Dusty Myshrall

Dusty oversees the organization, its representatives and the Association’s objectives on behalf of all it’s members.  In this position, he is able to support various areas including but not limited to: Association representation in government, stakeholders, research organizations and continuing education.

As a Paramedic for the past 15 years, Dusty Myshrall was elected as president of the Alberta Paramedic Association in December 2016.

Board of Directors

Establishes the direction of the Association and ensures it functions within its vision, mission and values.  The Board consists of eight directors who are elected by the membership.  Directors are nominated and elected into one of four Board Officer positions or one of the four Secretary Portfolios.  The positions are as follows: 

  • Vice-President: Len Stelmaschuk
  • Registrar: Josie Nichols
  • Treasurer: Bill Carstairs
  • Board Secretary: Rob Snow
  • Director of Education: Vacant
  • Director of Skills: Vacant
  • Director of Wellness: Vacant
  • Director of Ethics: Adam Spencer

Executive Branch

The administrative branch of the Association is the Executive. This committee consists of the following components:

  • Chief Operations Officer/ED: Marc Moebis
  • Chief Development Officer: Rob Snow
  • Chief Business Performance Officer: Roxanne Stelmaschuk
  • Chief Finance Officer: Bill Carstairs
  • Chief Innovation Officer: Vacant


A committee that works with practitioners, students and educators to enhance entry to practice education.

  • Skills Development Committee: A committee that works to identify new skills while addressing some of the challenges a practitioner faces in maintaining competency on other skills.
  • Wellness Committee: A committee that works to improve the wellness of the practitioner.
  • Ethics Committee: An independent, elected committee consisting of four public members/professionals not affiliated with paramedicine who provide ethical oversight of the Association.
  • HELP Fund Committee: The Alberta Help Fund exists to enhance the health and wellness of the paramedic and provide relief during times of tragedy.

Association policy is a statement of intent and is a deliberate system of principles to guide decisions within the organization.  The Association has the following policies: