Structure of the Association

President of the Association

The President is elected by the membership and serves in an oversight capacity for the organization, ensuring all representatives are collectively working toward the organization’s objectives on behalf of the membership. Supports the different areas of the organization and is the Association representative to government, stakeholders and other associations or organizations. Read more.

The Board of Directors

The Board establishes the direction of the Association and ensures it functions within its vision, mission and values.  The Board consist of eight directors who are elected by the membership.  Directors are nominated and elected into one of four Board Officer positions or one of the four Secretary Portfolios. Read more.

The Executive Committee

The administrative branch of the Association is the Executive.  It is where innovation from the Delegation and Board is put into action. Read more.

The Committees

Read more.

The Delegation

The regional representative branch of the Association consists of 24 district delegates and six special delegates. Delegates are elected by the membership within their own district and serve to represent the interests of the members in their district. Read more.

Organizational Flow Chart

Organizational flow chart of the Alberta Paramedic Association.
Organizational flow chart of the Alberta Paramedic Association.