Excellence for Innovation and Research

The Award of Excellence for Innovation and Research should recognize those who have made an outstanding contribution in the field ofresearch, innovation or have solved a problem or successfully leveraged an opportunity that has served to enhance the field of paramedicine, EMS systems, paramedic safety, or the expand the use of paramedics into non-traditional roles. “Research” may include the natural and applied sciences, social sciences, humanities, or a related discipline. “Innovation” may involve technology or equipment but may also include innovative approaches or techniques. Examples could include:

  • Achieving excellence in the development of a new or an improved technology that promises to enhance paramedic practice, EMS response, safety, or the delivery of
    care by paramedics.
  • Significantly contributing to the body of knowledge directly related to the field of paramedicine or out-of- hospital medical care.
  • Collaborating nationally or internationally on a research initiative that may provide significant guidance to EMS, policies, or practices.
  • Developing a practical model to overcome organizational barriers and improve interoperability within EMS systems or allied responders.
  • Successfully applying new technologies, or existing technologies in an innovative manner, to enhance the delivery of paramedicine.
  • Implementing new practices or processes that have created a positive impact on paramedicine.
  • Building or developing a new system that utilizes paramedics into a non-traditional paramedic roles.

Due to the significance of this award title, should be awarded to a person who has an overall exemplary service record.

  • The recipient can be full-time, part-time, volunteer, or retired.
  • The preferred recipient would be a “paramedic”, as defined through educational and professional registration requirements.
  • The preferred recipient would be an active member of the Alberta Paramedic Association.
  • Although not intended as a group award, at the discretion of the APA, this award may be awarded to a small group or team.
  • This award will not be awarded posthumously.