Excellence in Education and Training

The Award of Excellence for Education and Training recognizes those who have made an outstanding contribution to training and education in the field of paramedicine. For example;

  • Identifying and successfully addressing a long-standing training or educational need or deficiency.
  • Consistently exceeding standards for the delivery and/or development of paramedic training programs.
  • Establishing a new or innovative program or delivery model to enhance the delivery of paramedic education.

“Outstanding Contribution” may include a wide range of activities and should not be viewed as limiting or prescriptive.
Due to the significance of this award title, it should be awarded to a paramedic educator who has had an overall exemplary service record.

  • The recipient can be full-time, part-time, volunteer, or retired.
  • The recipient must be involved in the education or training of “paramedics”, or other medical care providers.
  • The preferred recipient would be a “paramedic”, as defined through educational and professional registration requirements.
  • The preferred recipient would be an active member of the Alberta Paramedic Association.
  • Although not intended as a group award, at the discretion of the APA. committee, this may be awarded to a small group or team of educators.
  • This award will not be awarded posthumously.