Excellence in Leadership and Community Building

The Award of Excellence for Leadership and Community Building should recognize those who have distinguished themselves as leaders or outstanding advocates for the field of paramedicine; regionally, nationally, or internationally. For example, this may include, but may not necessarily be limited to:

  • Exemplary management and the ability to motivate, resulting in significant enhancements within a paramedic focused unit, group, or organization.
  • Displaying outstanding leadership during a major crisis or unexpected event.
  • Advocating a change, or successfully implementing a new initiative or policy, which has resulted in the enhancement of paramedic practice or response.
  • Inspiring or instilling a culture of excellence within the paramedic field, which has led to enhanced practice, safety and effectiveness.
  • Achieving excellence in the development and delivery of health prevention programs, or similar initiatives aimed at promoting public safety and reducing the need for EMS
  • Champions a cause that advances the profile of the paramedic profession through partnerships with other allied responders and organizations.
  • Leadership that advances the use of paramedics in non-traditional roles.

Due to the significance of this award, it should be awarded to a paramedic leader who has had an overall exemplary service record.

  • The recipient can be full-time, part-time, volunteer, or retired.
  • The preferred recipient would be a “paramedic”, as defined through educational and professional registration requirements.
  • The preferred recipient would be an active member of the Alberta Paramedic Association.
  • Although not intended as a group award, at the discretion of the APA, this award may be awarded to a small group or team.
  • Although not intended as a memorial award, this may be awarded posthumously at the discretion of the committee.