Paramedic of the Year Award

The Paramedic of the Year award recognizes an active paramedic who has made a recent, considerable contribution to the paramedic profession.

The award is intended to recognize a recent contribution that was made within the previous 2 years but could include a long-term or ongoing project that was completed or reached a major milestone within the previous 2-year timeframe. While it is not a lifetime achievement award, the committee will consider supporting information that could help to emphasis the significance of the individual’s achievements. Due to the significance of this award title, should be awarded to a paramedic who has had an overall exemplary service record.

More specifically;

  • Exceptional service that highlights and raises the profile of paramedics or paramedicine on a regional, national, or international level.
  • Exceptional service to the paramedic profession, such as, advancing paramedic profession, enhancing paramedic wellness, promoting the legacy of Canadian paramedic history, or memory of past or fallen paramedics.
  • Exceptional service of a paramedic during a major crisis or critical event of regional, national, or international significance.

“Exceptional service” may include a wide range of activities, such as frontline incident response or coordination; public awareness and communication; advocacy and support to paramedic organizations; volunteer service to paramedic-related organizations, initiatives, or major projects; paramedic literature, film, or other media; and many other possibilities. It must be emphasized  that the examples provided herein are intended for general guidance only and are not meant to be limiting or prescriptive.

  • The recipient can be full-time, part-time, volunteer, student or retired.
  • The recipient must be a “paramedic”, as defined through educational and professional registration requirements.
  • The recipient needs to be an active member of the Alberta Paramedic Association.
  • Although not intended as a memorial award, this may be awarded posthumously at the discretion of the committee.