Statement on violence against paramedics

Paramedics walking with stretcher

Violence and threats towards paramedics is a growing problem that needs to be addressed at various levels.

Due to the nature of the profession, paramedics have always had to accept a certain level of personal risk when attending any call from things like traffic, broken glass, pets on scene etc. When that risk becomes personal threats and violence, we need systems in place that support zero tolerance. Assault on paramedics is becoming far too common and preparing paramedics for hand to hand combat with self-defence training is a short-term (but important) solution.

Tougher laws and increased zero tolerance awareness will support a paramedic culture that does not accept threats or violence.

“We can’t fight for your life if we’re fighting for our own.”

The Alberta HELP Fund is a registered non-profit that exists to enhance the health and wellness of Alberta’s paramedics and provide funding in times of tragedy. Paramedic groups and stakeholders are encouraged to contact the APA for access to funding for paramedic health and wellness initiatives.

HPA Announcement

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On Sept 15th the APA was invited by the health ministers office to the announcement of the transition into the HPA at AHSEMS’s Stony Plain station. Interim board president Dusty Myshrall and Executive Director Marc Moebis attended to represent APA’s members. This provided a great opportunity to not only celebrate the achievement of transition but also advocate for practitioners directly to EMS leadership and government to ensure frontline practitioners have a voice on committees and working groups as Paramedicine is further defined and understood within the new regulation.

The need for a strong association is more imminent than ever with this transition. It is important for frontline practitioners to have influence in how Paramedicine is delivered within the HPA.

Click the link below and search “Paramedic” to view the regulation.

HPA Document

Paramedic Mental Health Service Provider Recommendations

Mental Health***ADDED TO information for > Psychologists***

One of the largest, if not THE largest issue that responders have in finding appropriate treatment for a mental injury, is finding a provider that understands what our normal is.

The Alberta Paramedic Association Health and Wellness Dept  has worked diligently with many stakeholders over the last few years to not only recommend a standard level of training in order to treat paramedicine practitioners, but also offer cultural competency education for professionals who treat paramedics.

This work has resulted in:

  • The development of a mental health service provider registry
  • The development of standards for psychotherapy service providers

For more details please see our standards document:

Paramedic Mental Health Service Provider (PDF Format)

APA appreciative of Minister Hoffman’s Naloxone announcement

The Alberta Paramedic Association is profoundly appreciative of Health Minister Hoffman’s announcement this morning regarding the expanded scope of practice for Alberta’s Emergency Medical Technician’s (EMT’s), Emergency Medical Responder’s (EMR’s) and Registered Nurses. 

Alberta’s EMRs, EMTs, Paramedics and RN’s will be able to work closely with their healthcare peers in distribution, and delivery of this life-saving medication.

The appropriate education of EMR and EMT practitioners for delivery of Naloxone should be given a top priority for educators, employers, and our association. 

This change in the scope of practice for Alberta’s rural and remote communities, urban centres as well as industrial settings, will enable better access to this lifesaving drug for those patients presenting with opiate drug overdoses.

We join with CARNA, ACP, and employers across the province in welcoming the news of this historic announcement by the Health Minister.

Roger S. Tewson EMT-P
Chair, Board of Directors, Alberta Paramedic Association