• Fort McMurray, Canada
  • June 29, 2024

Company Information

We are looking for a medical manager that has potential for moving up in the company and managing Paramedics, EMT's and EMR's. Hiring, managing manpower and equipment. Firefighting would be a bonus.


-Ability to differentiate between occupational and non-occupational illness and injury.

-Monitoring Modified duties, task rotation and disability accommodation efficacy. Knowledge of WCB and Human Rights legislation is an asset here

-Interacting with OIS clinics and (booking referrals, advocating for patient's in the OIS process, Collecting and filing all appropriate OIS documentation)

-Giving reports over the phone and getting medical restrictions from medical direction

-Familiar with WCB's C709 form, process and implications

-Strong knowledge of all privacy legislation, HIA, FOIP, PIPA, PIPEDA and Part 11 of the OHS Code.

-Knowledge of Occupational Wellness and Hygiene

-Familiarity with some pieces of the Human Resources body of knowledge as you will often be working closely with theses professionals

-Flu shot program planning and delivery

-Strong knowledge of Part 7 of the Occupational Health and Safety Code both in planning, training and execution

-Authoring and presenting engaging safety, wellness, health and first aid topics

-Familiar with common return to work processes and related complications

-Able to perform common occupational hygiene testing such as Spirometry and Audiometry.

-Familiar with the safety and legal implications and structure of a unionized workplace

-Familiar with WCB claims process, management, concerns, adjudication, DRDRB and appeals on both the quasi-court level as well as the Court of Queen's Bench.

-Familiar with incident investigation process and root cause analysis

-Authoring HSE Policies and Procedures

-Drug and Alcohol Testing

-Familiar with the Function of a Designated Employer Representative

-Strong Documentation and document management skills in both paper and electronic environments

-Strong Stakeholder Communication skills

-Strong Risk Analysis and Management Skills

-Strong knowledge of the occupational health and safety Code, Act and Regulation

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