Cloak Medic Services Inc.

Company Information

Cloak Medic Services Inc. is a value-based company committed to health, wellness and safety in the Oil and Gas Industry. Our commitment to excellence is reflected throughout Cloak - within our Leadership; our top-of-the-line Equipment; our Polices and Practices; and, most importantly, our People.

Not only do we care - we listen - and that is what sets Cloak apart from the others. The bottom line is: all of you have embarked in an education and training that qualifies you to meet the standards (and legislation) that enables Cloak (and other similar companies) to offer you employment.

At Cloak, you are valued. Inasmuch, we have gone to great lengths to discover what factors you consider to be important when choosing employment. Our wages and benefits, allowances and reimbursements, and living conditions and provisions are all industry competitive.

When chosen, we respect your need for clear schedules of time at work and your time off and we do our very best to accomodate your needs as well as the needs of others. In an effort to ensure maximum hours and steady work, it is our policy not to over-hire and have you needlessly 'sit'. At Cloak, you will not be a part of a 'pool of employees' - you will be a part of our family - valued and respected.

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