Terrace Safety Ltd.

Company Information

Terrace Safety specializes in sourcing, developing and connecting health, safety and emergency medical professionals with the unique challenges of Western Canada's energy and industrial sectors.

We strive to find the right professional for each position. We have a strong focus to develop our professionals such that they are always improving for themselves and our clients. With robust competency-based development objectives and demanding recruitment standards, Terrace's professionals are leading the industry for contract health, safety and emergency medical services.

Why Terrace Safety? Choose Terrace Safety because we are different.

We focus on hiring positive, solutions-based professionals.

We utilize a competency-based management system for measuring the abilities of our professionals, driving professional development and offering transparency to our clients via competency report cards.

We pay our professionals consistently and fairly

We ensure maximum transparency regarding our pay structure, our services and our professionals. Terrace takes this responsibility seriously because we believe that more information means more choice and ultimately more power in your hands.

Terrace believes in bridges not barriers.

Success is the result of intelligent purposefulness; a decision to make it work. For this reason, being solutions oriented is our second cornerstone. Whether you need us to add specific training to the professional pool, structure specific development plan for an aspiring staff member or find special talent for a hard-to-fill role, we consider ourselves a solution provider first and a service provider second.

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