The Blood Tribe Department of Health

  • Standoff, AB, Canada
  • June 29, 2024

Company Information

The Blood Tribe/Kainai is located in southern Alberta on the Blood Indian Reserve. It boasts 544 square miles for its base, with agriculture as the primary industry as well as gemstone mining, house construction, oil and gas development and small business and tourism. The tribe has a population of approximately 9,782 members including both on reserve and off reserve.


E.M.S. / Fire Department

The primary roles of BTES:

  • Respond to all emergency ambulance calls.
  • Respond to all emergency fire calls.
  • Transport patients from the scene of a critical incident to an appropriate medical facility.
  • Transfer in-patients from one medical facility to another providing a higher level of care.
  • Provide fire suppression.
  • Provide rescue services.

Some services not provided:

  • No transports for appointments at clinics.
  • No return transports to home.
  • No transports to detox centers.
  • No fire standbys for controlled burning.

Our ultimate goal is to train enough staff from the members of the Blood community to be able to provide Advanced Life support 24 hours a day, seven clays a week to the residents of the Blood Tribe.

Who is BTES

We are staffed as follows:

  • 9 full time registered EMT-A’s
  • 2 full time registered EMR’s
  • 2 full time registered EMT-P’s
  • 9 EMT-A’s (Casual)
  • 5 EMT-P’s (Casual)
  • All staff (ire also cross trained in Dispatching and firefighting.
  • All full time staff are Emergency Medical Dispatchers (EMD)
  • All full time staffs are level l firefighters
  • We respond to and handle approximately 2000 -+- ambulance calls per year.
  • We also respond to and handle approximately 100 + fire calls per year.
  • (The majority being grass fires)

Contact us for Information about

  • Levels of training Basic EMR
  • Intermediate EMT-A
  • Advanced EMT-P
  • First Aid & CPR training
  • For more information regarding any of above topics, please phone
  • (403) 737-2102 or / fax: (403) 737-3088

The Blood Tribe Emergency Services is licensed and regulated under Alberta Provincial standards. The services operated three ambulances equipped with modern equipment for basic life support. The staff consist of two paramedics, eight certified Medical Technicians A, one EMR, one firefighter, one casual EMTP, Two casual EMTA. The Emergency Medical Services program holds membership with Alberta Native Ambulance Operators Association.
(403) 737-2102
Emergency calls only fire and ambulance 911 or (403) 737-3737

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