The NEW Competency and Career Frameworks for Paramedics

“How will these NEW works influence the future of Paramedicine in Canada?”

The presentation will also highlight a new national document – the PARAMEDIC CAREER FRAMEWORK which will guide the future development of the entire paramedic workforce.

This webinar is free and is open to anyone and does require people to register so that we can send them their attendance certificates.

You can also share with paramedics that the following information may help them in filling out their con-ed submission:

To the ACP portal question / under their con-ed section – How has this activity impacted your professional practice? they may use:

“The webinar which is aligned with NOCP 1.1g, 1.1h, 1.2.b and 1.2.c engaged me to reflect on my own practice and on-going professional development and has: 

Enhance my knowledge of

 professional research associated with the new NCFP

Enhance my knowledge of the reform of the NOCP and development of the new NCFP

Enhance my knowledge of the new paramedic career framework

Promoted self-reflection of my career and my professional development plans”


Alan Batt

Dr. Alan Batt is Paramedicine Program Lead at Queen’s University, Associate Professor (adjunct) at Monash University, and Assistant Professor (status) at the University of Toronto. 

He is a Scientist with the McNally Project for Paramedicine Research, and Deputy Editor of Paramedicine. He is a Fellow of the Higher Education Academy (UK) and a Member of the Academy of Medical Educators (UK). 

He led the development of the National Competency Framework for Paramedics on behalf of the Paramedic Association of Canada.

Derek Cassista

Derek is an active paramedic in New Brunswick. 

In addition to maintaining an active practice, Derek works as the Deputy Registrar for the Paramedic Association of New Brunswick focusing on enhancing the role of paramedics within healthcare. 

He also works as the Chief Operating Officer for the Paramedic Association of Canada where his work on the National Competency Framework for Paramedics includes consulting stakeholders across Canada to ensure the profession effectively transitions to the next era of educational standards and supporting documents.