Early in the development of the Alberta Paramedic Association, Alberta was struck with multiple tragedies which received pass the hat campaigns. The Alberta Helping Every Local Paramedic (HELP) Fund was established and has grown to become a branch society of the Association.

The HELP fund is a non-profit child society of the Alberta Paramedic Association that was originally established as a preorganized crowdsourced pass the hat type fund for families who fell victim of a Line of Duty Death (LODD). Today, in addition to LODD, the HELP Fund is rapidly becoming a funding source for practitioners with sudden critical illness/injury and organizations large or small, to access funding used for health and wellness initiatives.

Administered by a group of paramedic practitioners, these initiatives may include;

  • Physical health.
  • Psychological health.
  • Awareness campaigns.
  • Social/professional wellness.

Apply for Funding

To apply for funding please contact us here.