Health and Dental Insurance

Members of the Alberta Paramedic Association (the Association) have access to health and dental coverage that is available for the whole family. Plans can be selected to suit individual and family needs through the Green Shield Canada plan.

“There are a lot of medics, due to the sector they work in, that don’t have access to health or dental benefits,” said Association President Dusty Myshrall. “We are very pleased as an organization to be able to provide for those needs for paramedics and their families through our agreement with Green Shield Canada.”

Those who sign up for coverage will be eligible for an annual 5% rebate on the premiums paid out, with that percentage increasing as membership in the plan increases.

Plans are available to anyone working in paramedic services, including those with casual employment and those working in the industrial sector. Employers and operators can also choose to cover Association membership for their paramedic staff as well as health and dental plan coverage to provide such benefits to those who work for them.

To learn more or to apply for health and dental coverage, visit our partner Green Shield Canada