Behind Front Lines: Paramedic Mental Health at Home


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What it is

Behind Front Lines is an online 90 minute workshop to help those with loved-ones in the paramedic industry learn how to recognize the signs of occupational stress, stress injuries and strategies for supporting their paramedic while they attempt to navigate through these stressful changes.

This workshop will include first responder culture and how it relates to trauma and seeking mental health support, trauma and organizational stressors, strategies on increasing mental wellness in everyday life, and communication with children about invisible injuries.

Who should attend

  • Family
  • Close, live-in friends of Paramedics.
  • Paramedics, EMR’s and Paramedic students.


  • Sept 21st 6:00-7:30 MDT presented using Zoom
  • Link will be provided in the days prior to the workshop
  • Watch your email and don’t forget to check ‘junk’!


Warrior Wellness Twins, Dr. Helena Hawryluk and Jerris Popik, MSW. The twins are involved with Wounded Warriors Canada as the Wounded Warriors Canada Kids Program Directors and Clinical Advisors.
The Warrior Twins have focused their work on helping the families of first responders and military personnel navigate through stress and crisis.

More on the Warrior Wellness Twins can be found at

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