The regional representative branch of the Association consists of 24 district delegates and six special delegates. Delegates are elected by the membership within their own district and serve to represent the interests of the members in their district.

How to Become a Delegate

This is an overview of the steps a candidate must take if they are planning to become a Delegate.


All prospective candidates are required to meet all criteria set out in section 5.2 of the Alberta Paramedic Association By-Laws.

The basic requirements for becoming a candidate are the following:

  • Must reside within the District you are seeking nomination in; or would qualify as a constituent in a special district you are seeking nomination in.
  • Must be a member of the Alberta Paramedic Association.
  • Must file the Nomination Paper with the Registrar of the Alberta Paramedic Association, along with all other documents required by the nomination process.

Unless specified to be ineligible under section 5.2 of the By-Laws, any person qualified as a nominee may run to be elected as a Delegate within their district.

Candidates are required to submit a Declaration of Interest prior to nomination.

Members’ Consent

Prospective candidates must provide the names, addresses and signatures of at least 10 members who are qualified to vote in the district where they intend to run.