Professional Fatigue Project: Call to Action (Part 2), The College of Paramedics Responds

Thursday, November 29th, the Alberta Paramedic Association released part one of an impact study investigating the effect of extended on-call shifts on the health and wellness of the paramedic.

During that research, there were major risks to the public identified. Public protection is the role of the Alberta College of Paramedics, therefore we provided the college with the urgent public risk findings on the very same day. The Alberta College of Paramedics has provided a response to the Association that we want to share with you.

In the letter from College President, council identifies “As the regulator, our jurisdiction is over practitioners and their conduct when providing care…” However she later goes on to state; “… the College is unable to intervene in matters of workplace conditions.”

This is an unacceptable position for the College to take on a serious public risk. “Without proper regulation, paramedicine will unfortunatly experience a fatigue driven tragedy” Association President Dusty Myshrall writes, “Don’t wait for a fatality to happen”.

The letters can be viewed below